The American Board’s New Partnership with Excellence Nexus Training


The American Board Introduces Strategic Collaboration with Excellence Nexus Training in Canada.

Celebrated for its expertise in education, training, and technology, The American Board is pleased to unveil an impactful partnership with Excellence Nexus Training a prominent institution in Canada. This union signifies a remarkable stride towards fostering educational excellence and expanding our global network of accredited institutions.

This venture aims to synergize the collective strengths and resources of both entities, enhancing the caliber of educational offerings and empowering learners within Canada and beyond. By combining efforts, The American Board and Excellence Nexus Training are dedicated to championing innovative teaching approaches, embracing cutting-edge technologies, and forging meaningful learning journeys.

This strategic collaboration underscores our shared dedication to advancing education, training, and technology, further solidifying The American Board’s stature as a global accreditation authority. Together, our focus is on shaping a brighter future for both learners and educators.

To learn more about The American Board for Training and our partnership with Excellence Nexus Training, kindly reach out to us at

About The American Board:
The American Board for Training stands as a leading accreditation body headquartered in the US, specializing in education, training, and technology. With an overarching mission to elevate global educational standards, we administer rigorous accreditation and certification to esteemed partner institutions worldwide.

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